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SportLogic Academy reaches students where they're most passionate, in sport. The spark inspires a lifetime of education and pursuit of dreams and goals. Our Academy is flexible, accessible, and affordable, fully accredited and online and in-person K-12 education.

About Us

Sport Logic Academy is a fully online, fully accredited (UC Approved), in-person and/or online school, home school, or Christian school. We offer part-time and full-time programs for K-12th grades that are taught by highly qualified teachers and all student-athletes are eligible to apply for/receive financial aid from every college and university in the United States.

Fully Accredited

Credentialed teachers deliver accredited curriculum that will enable your student-athlete to be accepted into any university in the USA.

Qualified Teachers

All teachers are credentialed and have all necessary degrees to ensure that your student-athlete is taught by teachers who can ensure their success in the classroom.


Your student-athlete has direct access to their teacher via instant messaging and email and all progress is closely monitored with 1-on-1 instruction provided as needed.

Flexible Learning

SportLogic Academy offer in-person, online, and a mix of both called "hybrid" learning. So no matter what your student-athlete's schedule, SportLogic Academy is flexible enough to fit.


SportLogic Academy takes pride in being affordable and flexible enough to fit into any student-athletes budget. Whether it's part-time or full-time, SportLogic Academy will give your student-athlete a superior education.


SportLogic Academy offers a wide range of services and can provide education services to fit into any student-athletes training regimen.

Our Mission

SportLogic Academy is committed to providing an accredited school that is built specifically for student-athletes and is flexible, accessible, and affordable for all.

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