Corporate Mission

Sportlogic builds and empowers society through facility development, sport opportunities, education and community involvement.


Building, equipping and empowering future leaders through the collaboration of sports and education.


We at Sportlogic Academy believe that in order to motivate, cultivate and transform students, we must provide education that inspires. With the collaboration of sports and academics, we are providing a platform for immersion and instruction, training students the necessary disciplines to be successful on and off the field.



We foster health and wellness habits that cause the student-athlete to excel in multiple areas, lighting the spark and zeal they have for living.


We develop construction and training routines where student-athletes have the opportunity to be nurtured in state of the art facilities much like the professionals.


We believe that sports and education are a collaborative pair that complements each other in the cultivating of the whole individual, mind and body.


We are committed to the concept that it takes a village, and when we bond, we build productive relationships for the betterment of our communities.

Meet Our Team


Yan Skwara

Lived the dream of student athletes across America. Yan fell in love with soccer ~10 years old. He quickly stood out from the hoards chasing the ball and when he reached high school, the competition between academics and athletics really weighed on him. He made it, Cap & Gown, and recruited to play college ball where many careers end. Again, Yan stood out on the pitch and was recruited to Germany where he 'made it', as one of the very few Americans in the Bundesliga. Coming home, Yan's passion for futball inspired him to create pathway for Americans, like him to the biggest leagues. He founded the UPSL, now 400+ pro development teams that focuses on athlete development and opportunity.

Marc Radow

Father of 4 kids, all athletes, and of course students. Together with his wife, Kelley, they homeschooled each of them. "The task was daunting and intimidating", recalls Radow. There were too many sleepless nights fretting if our path would lead to successful and happy children, let alone navigate the web of NCAA and collegiate sports. His personal trials inspire Radow to share these alternative paths with parents who know no boundary and with their kids who have the greatest dreams.


Jason Schrock

Jason Schrock and his wife of 23 years have three children involved in private education and athletics. Parents of daughters who have played 10 years of club soccer, Jason and his wife have personally experienced the daily routine that is required of student athletes that are passionate about playing at the club, high school, and now university level. He has had 24 years of educational administration experience both in K-12 private/public sectors and higher education and has built and managed schools around the world. As an educational consultant and as business owner he has been involved with many programs connecting businesses with education to impact community development, capital development programs, student pathways, and job creation. He is an entrepreneurial educator that is passionate about creating a culture of excellence in and out of the classroom that produces leaders for the global marketplace. In addition to a bachelor’s degree from Northwestern College, Schrock holds a master’s degree in educational leadership from California State University, Fullerton, California.

Glenn Duncan

With a passion for sport and education, the Executive Director and CEO of Southlands Schools International joined the SportLogic Academy team to ensure the success of student athletes on and off the pitch. His mission is to ensure that every student athlete receives world class education so that they can be a professional not just in sport but in life.


Dr. Juan Delgado

“Using the power of football, innovation and education for serving humanity better”.

All over the world, football helps, bring joy, hope, connection and values.
Dr Delgado is a lifestyle football manager and a family man, with a clear purpose in life: "To use the power of football, innovation and education to serve humanity by inspiring others to pursuit their dreams".

He started out playing youth football, expending countless days making touches on the ball and then transitioning into the football coaching and managerial arena with the dream of making a positive impact in the world.

Since then he has scouted and coached a number of current and future pro-players, recruited and educated world-class football experts, written several articles and a book about tactical periodization, played a leading role in the world’s most ambitious youth football project (Aspire Academy-Qatar)... and much more. Since 2020 moved to USA to work as Academy Technical Director at the new MLS franchise Austin FC. Willing to contribute to educate the new generation of Texans soccer players and coaches with the ultimate goal of making his humble contribution to support the US national soccer team to win the 2026 FIFA World Cup.